Cody Parrish Thompson- Writer/Producer

Cody Parrish Thompson hails from Marlboro, New Jersey.  He grew up extremely poor in a very high class environment.  Most of his family relied on hard labor to earn a living, but Cody had bigger, more physically lazy plans in mind.  Nomadic since the age of 12, Cody has lived in 12 different cities in 3 different states- acquiring experiences and knowledge along the way.  He made an appearance at Rutgers University in 1992 and again in 1994, but he felt he was better suited saving tuition and expending his energy in the hotel and food service industry.  Although Cody, or Daddy as he is lovingly known, has been a writer since birth, he ignored his calling for nearly 15 years.  Throughout his extensive restaurant career, he continued to write songs, poetry, screenplays, articles, and blogs.  Cody finally realized what was missing from his life.   He eventually packed up and trekked across country to Los Angeles to pursue his true reason for being:  to slay the entertainment world with his creativity and socially progressive themes.  He is extremely proud to call ROLLING, which he co-wrote and co-produced, his first feature film.  The experience was amazing and he is looking forward to a bright successful future as a result.  Cody also just co-wrote and produced his first music video for the hot new artist, HOLLYBOOTS.  He is excited to be a part of the birth of two new entertainment phenomenons.