EPIPHANY as "Veronica"

Originally from Queens, NY, singer, songwriter, actress, model Epiphany is currently working on her entertainment career in the Los Angeles area. As a graduate of the infamous Fiorello La Guardia High school of the Performing Arts in Manhattan, NY, as well as having attained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (concentration advertising and marketing communications) from Baruch College in Manhattan, NY, Epiphany is quite versed in the field of entertainment and business. With a peaceful and compassionate mission in mind Epiphany has also been engaging in charity/spiritual work which has been adding greatly to her already incredible music as well as her other creative endeavors. Her hit single "Hey Mr. DJ" which features the famous artists Bruck-Up and lil' Vicious, now out on AV8 Records, has been making serious noise on the NYC radio stations and across the globe. Currently, she is preparing to tour with her Wu-Tang affiliated partner in crime "DtheDragon" in Tokyo Fall 2005.