ERIC LA BARR as "Eric"

Eric La Barr lives a calm life. He likes to relax and do nothing sometimes. Virgo born Eric Jason La Barr on September 17, 1984. Raised in Yorba Linda, a middle-class suburb in Orange County, he had no direction in his younger years except building pirate ships with Legos and dressing up in all kinds of costumes from Batman to Superman and running around the house in a new character every day. Through school he was picked on, but this, my friend gave him strength and character. He graduated from high school in 2002 and went on to attend college for two semesters. Eric's destiny changed when his sister, fellow thespian Monique La Barr ("Walk Hard", 2008) asked him if he wanted to come along with her to audition for the film, "Whiteboyz" for Fox Searchlight. Eric looked up the other roles being cast and prepared a character that was fun to play and went in and got a callback on his very first audition. The casting director quoted "you have a very interesting quality I haven't seen before." The second audition he went on was for the indie feature, "Rolling" and the rest is history. Cult classic "Rolling" has gone on to win two awards from the San Francisco Film Festival including best picture and has articles written up in both "Variety" and "The New York Times" with Eric's name appearing in both major publications. While Eric payed his dues living
in LA for the first few years, he worked as a publicist for producer friends of his at red carpet events as he had a talent for promoting other people at parties. Movie goers will soon be familiarized by
Eric's face when his newest teen thriller "On Bloody Sunday" hits theatres near you. Warner Bros. has picked up the indie flick for distribution with the director, Christian Sesma being considered the
next Robert Rodriguez. Recently, The premiere for "On Bloody Sunday" was at The Arc Light Theatre and after the premiere, fans and critics raved on Eric's performance as Josh, the lovable jerk STONER. It seems that Eric has this character down to a science and that's what the town keeps calling him up to play. In his down time, Eric performs at The Comedy Store to have fun. Eric wrote, produced, directed, edited, and starred in his first film through his production company Split Pea Films. Recently, he just finished writing a feature length script, "Stupid Movie" where Eric tells the media and quotes "you'll see "Stupid Movie" when Judd Apatow wants to produce it." A big
inspiration to Eric is Judd and he admires what he does. Eventually behind the camera is where Eric's sister and close friends think he'll end up. "He's a director and not an actor" is what his sister, Monique is convinced by. And his good buddy, Producer Joni Cuquet ("Ecstasy", sequel to "Trainspotting") thinks he's a producer whose still struggling with the acting bug. One thing is for sure. Fans love to watch him on the big screen so they too will get there wish as Eric balances playing other characters in films while working with The Asylum, who produce low budget straight to Blockbuster/Hollywood Video and screen theatrically in other countries to pay his dues and learn
everything behind the camera while he has fun with his life. When Eric is not writing a script or hanging out with The Asylum dudes, he is an
avid reader and photographer with a flair of cooking ability.