Garrett Brawith is a Sacramento, California native by way of Maui, Hawaii, where he and his father started a golf business. Knowing few people, he auditioned for a small play, was hired as the lead, and quickly found himself deeply immersed in the world of local theater. Driven by a passion for acting, he left the island, moved to Los Angeles and immediately began working in a professional Shakespeare company.

Working concurrently as a personal assistant to Paul Ben Victor, a well known and successful actor, he discovered an intense love for film and begged the star to teach all that he could until finally being taken under his wing. For the next 5 years he trained with celebrity acting coach, Stuart Rogers.

Also realizing that rarely is talent discovered, but built, he dove into low budget producing, learning all aspects of the business and honing his skills as a producer, writer, director, editor and camera operator in order to create more opportunities to act.

Continuing to grow as a producer and actor, Garrett found himself working consistantly, with guest appearances on many hit television shows such as Showtime’s “Dexter”, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, “Judging Amy”, “The Invisible Man”, “General Hospital”, and several more, but found a new passion in Independent Film. The medium allowed the freedom to create art without the constraints of the studio system, providing a ground for honest artistic expression, and he became obsessed.

As a stand up comedian, he has played venues such as “The World Famous Hollywood Improv” and has been working steadily in commercials. He can be seen acting in spots for Dr. Pepper, Jackson-Hewitt, E-surance, TNT, CMT, Burger King and as “The Magic Fridge Guy” for Bud Light, voted #1 commercial of the Superbowl in USA today.

Working as a producer, he has created projects for Overbrook Entertainment, (headed by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett), and is a founding member of MyReel Productions and, an industry networking site working as a producer, editor, director, writer, and salesperson.

Garrett considers “Rolling” the best acting experience he’s ever had, allowing freedom and creative expression. And after all, that’s what film should be about.