IAN SHEN as "Tigrus"

Ian Shen (www.IanShen.com) is a versatile actor adept in both dramatic and comedic genres. He is also a recognized writer & director, as well as co-produced "Picket Guy" (picketguy.com) which premiered at the 168-Hour Film Festival in 2005. The short film received nominations in four categories and received DVD distribution. You may recognize him in the upcoming independent film “Bottoms Up” starring Paris Hilton and Jason Mewes. He has sought to build a solid foundation of his craft by training in the classics, concentrating on Shakespeare and American classics, with the Antaeus Academy, A Noise Within and East West Players. Besides acting, he is the co-owner of LoftLivingLA.com, a website which helps people find live-work lofts in Downtown Los Angeles and also freelances web & graphics design.
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