John Paul Cooney - Executive Producer/Writer

Graduate of Loyola Marymount University with a degree in Irish Literature. While there he met Billy Samoa Saleebey, whom he collaborated with on "Rolling." Acted in numerous stage plays while at LMU including "The Kentucky Cycle" and "The Baltimore Waltz." Lived in New York from 2000-2004 where he completed first screenplay "DayJob." Worked as an actor on Japanese original program "Astonishing News" as well as numerous short films, several pilots and a few stage plays. In May of 2004 formed the production company Group in Progress. The company's inaugural production was the 2004 off Broadway winter staging of Michael Weller's 1972 anti-war play "Moonchildren." The cast included Ben Morrison of "Punk'd", Galeit Sehayek and Vincent Piazza of "The Sopranos." Weller himself stated it was the best version he'd seen of his play since the Broadway original 32 years earlier. In February of 2005, John and his company moved west to produce "Rolling" with Saleebey's Believe Entertainment. John is currently developing several scripts with New York City music video director Andrew Scholler, as well as a horror script with Cody Parrish Thompson, and a trilogy based upon Vietnam. Immediately next on the horizon is a historical fiction drama dealing with the civil rights movement and race relations to be directed by Robyn Reiter. The mission of Group in Progress is to produce quality work for stage and film with a specific, left of center point of view on societal issues.