Vlad Pisarik - Co-Producer

Born and raised in Ukraine, Vlad moved to the United States when he was 19 years old. After attending the University of Wisconsin he began working at Hoffman York Advertising Agency on such accounts as Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, KFC & Wisconsin Lottery.
In 2003 Vlad moved to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment industry. He is currently working as an account executive with an award-winning advertising company 30sixty advertising+design and has established strong relationships with his clients at Paramount, Fox, NBC/Universal & Lionsgate motion-picture studios.
Vlad is also the Vice President of Marketing at the production company Believe Entertainment. He oversees in house creative staff, develops publicity, merchandising, branding and promotional campaign, and works with outside vendors on print and internet advertising.
While at Believe Entertainment, Vlad produced the award-winning feature film, Rolling, a faux-documenary about the drug Ecstasy. He is currently developing a grass roots marketing campaign to help the film gain worldwide exposure.
Believe Entertainment is currently in development of their next feature to be shot in 2008.