Ryan Moody, going by the moniker, “Xander Phoenix”, got his first introduction to the underground dance music scene in 1997 after graduating from high school in the rural suburbs of Northeast Philadelphia. A regular clubber and student at the University of Delaware, he began frequenting venues such as Tunnel, Sound Factory, and Twilo in Manhattan, NYC. Soon enough, his time spent at dance clubs started to pay off as he began to perform and promote gigs at some of his favorite clubs. In 2001, Xander relocated to Brooklyn, NY from Philadelphia and continued to promote for various promotion companies, and often throwing one-off parties of his own.

In 2004, Xander arrived in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, ready to pursue his dream and throw his hat into the ring of Hollywood actors. In March of 2005, he landed a part in a mockumentary focused on the world of partying and clubbing in the greater Los Angeles area. The movie premiered in a San Francisco film festival in February of 2007 & won best film out of 52 entrants. It was also premiered in a Seattle-based festival and at “Dances With Films” in Los Angeles during the summer of 2007. Xander was also cast as a lead role in an independent, special effects-featuring short film called “Schprox” (which was filmed in summer of 2006) that is currently being shopped for distribution.

After returning to NYC in July, 2006, Xander met Alex “Rocky” Ramniceanu, a New York native with more than eight years of experience in entertainment marketing, event production, finance, and design. With their combined unique creative perspective, passionate drive for eye-catching excellence, no-nonsense approach to the bottom-line and with a common vision of building the next global promotional brand, together they co-founded Burn Industries. One month later, they threw their first major event together for a massive crowd @ Club Studio B in Brooklyn with a live show by headliner Second Sun, as well as DJ sets by Filo & Peri, Julian Prince, AlterImage, Thomas Pategas, Terminal 14, Philip Joseph, Jason Jollins, & Thomas Datt.

Burn Industries continued on, producing monthly events at an Egyptian-themed lounge, Moomia, in SOHO, NYC. After six months of throwing successful, thrilling events featuring DJ's Julian Prince, Anthony Velarde, Terminal 14, AlterImage, & Thomas Pategas, they had custom-crafted a standout line-up of stellar local and international DJ talents on the decks. Then with the addition of a third partner, David Choi, who brings with him a portfolio of experience in promotions, writing, and web development, the Burn Industries team, as we know it today, was born.

Together, the trio concocted a boat party on NYC’s largest floating dance floor, The Queen of Hearts. It was Burn Industries’ largest event to date, on 7/7/07, to an angels and devils theme, dubbed, “The Righteous and the Wicked Burn Industries Boat Party”. They put together a line-up with headliners John Creamer & Stephan K (premiering 2 new tracks with live vocalist Tom Geiger and Rosko), as well as standout Burn residents Julian Prince (Montreal), Steven Lee (NYC), Terminal 14 (Poland), Mike Khoury (Chicago), and Vivie-Ann (Montreal). With a sellout crowd on board, they sailed a sunset cruise on the Hudson River to the late evening.

Meanwhile, Xander relocated back to LA to pick up where he had left off. He was immediately cast in 2 music videos as a primary dancer, and continues to audition for dance-related, commercial and film acting gigs. He continues to seek opportunities to build the Burn Industries brand as well as further himself as a film/television/radio talent.