Jason Watches Movies (Popular Independent Blogger) - February 12, 2007
And finally there was, "Rolling", a movie who's manifesto was to realistically portray MDMA (Ecstasy) use. They had a huge cast and crew all there. Here's the director Bill Saleeby and breakout comic e-tard dork Clinton Cargile. "Rolling" employs a faux-documentary style of intercutting interviews with the subjects and the narrative
of one long night rolling (being high on Ecstasy) in LA. I just have to say, I love Indiefest audiences--whatever subculture a movie is about, that subculture will attend. I was watching this movie and cracking up, but at least 3/4 of the audience was cracking up at completely different scenes. A prime example, one character is explaining the nasty taste of Ecstasy, but how you know if it tastes really bad then it's really good. I thought that was an interesting piece of information, but the rest of the audience apparently thought it was a hilarious joke. Anyway, I can say that even having never taken Ecstasy, it was still a brilliant, touching, and hilarious movie with great performances all around. Why, I'd even believe that most of the cast has actually done E! Anyway, this was actually the day that I scheduled an early night so I could go home and rest. So of course I went to the after party and drank with the "Rolling" crew for a couple of hours instead. But I still got home okay, I didn't jump around like an idiot until dawn or dehydrate, so I guess no one slipped anything into my drink.