Wednesday, October 10, 2007
On Thursday we caught up with the director Billy Saleebey, and cast at Manhattan’s HK Lounge. Were there was a party for the New York E.vil Film Festival Screening of Rolling. Which will be taking place on October 6th and 7th. The film that was the winner for Best Feature at the 2007 San Francisco Independent Film Festival.

The film follows eight users of the drug Ecstasy. Hence the name of the movie Rolling, which is a term used to describe the euphoric state induced by MDMA, better know as Ecstasy.

The film takes you into the lives of these characters who all end up at the same party. They all become introduced in a faux documentary style. As other movies of the global drug, this one isn’t set with a campy intention. Instead the films intention is to show you the pros and cons of the drug. A personal side into the lives of the users.

It’s an interview style documentary to a full on visual view of their life. From a wealthy medical school student, a high school teacher & her student basketball player, a girl from a straight arrow family, the gay guy with his has been T.V. star hag, to the dealer himself.

You get to experience to see the destructive side of the drug. How it changes their lives. Yet the movie also dips into the positive sides also. Which can be debatable. There are some amazing visuals shots Saleebey used. He has an artsy way of fine camera work. Also the movie goes from a written scrip to a more improvisational set of interviews which makes this faux documentary more believable.

After five days of casting interviews they came up with a great set of attractive actors that really worked great together. Covering all ethnic races. Two actors we thought you would see more of in the future are actress Rachel Hardisty (Summer) and actor Josh Harper (Josh). Both went on their audition thinking they didn’t get the part till six months later when they got the call. Their performance in the movie doesn’t seem like your watching one of their first works or an Independent film. Harper who also writes screenplays probably has the knack for knowing how to make a scene work and making the character come to life.

Billy teamed up with John Conney and Cody Thompson, (who also makes a cameo in the movie) to write the screenplay. The three meshed perfectly together. Billy & Cody told us Their movie isn’t to advocate the drug, its more to show that the drug is still out there and the use is still large on a global scale. They wanted to show it from a documentary form and not from a heavily scripted joy ride fun movie. If you in town during one of the screenings definitely check it out. It’s a different take from other Ecstasy movies you may have seen.

-Johan Light